DIY Electrical Project Safety Tips From Electrical Contractors

1 July 2019
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It's great to be able to work on your own home and save some money over having to hire professional contractors. However, there are some projects that are just too dangerous to tackle as DIY. Some of the most dangerous are those that involve working with or around a home's electrical service. If you plan to tackle an electrical project on your home or will be working near live electrical wires, these electrical contractors tips will help you do so more safely: Read More 

Hire An Electrician To Install USB Outlets So You Can Charge Your Devices Conveniently

23 January 2019
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If you spend a lot of time reading a tablet or phone, then you should think about having new USB outlets installed in your home. These allow you to charge up your devices by plugging them into the outlet directly rather than use an adapter. These outlets are more attractive than using bulky adapters, and you never have to worry about hunting down an adapter when you need to charge your device. Read More